About Us

Hi there, and welcome to Mountain View Cavapoos! My name is Becca and, in the pictures, above are my most favorite people in the world! My husband Mike and our 4 best blessings, Levi, Emma, Jolene, and Ezra! Our family might just have the best job ever, we raise little furry bundles of love in our home!! 

In 2019, after the loss of our three remaining parents, Mike and I decided to bring some joy and life back into our family and adopted two miniature poodles Ruby and Pearl. These girls really helped our family cope with our losses, especially our children. Ruby and Pearl enjoy being held and snugged and when we are not doing that, they can put on quite the entertainment with their different but funny personalities! Sometimes we wonder if they even know they are dogs! 

In 2021 with the support of our family and friends we decided to begin this journey breeding cavapoo puppies. We really enjoyed that puppy stage with the girls and thought it sounded like a lot of fun to get to be a part of those early stages with other people’s puppies. With us being a homeschooling family, we just really felt like we would have the time to take on such a fun and busy hobby! It definitely requires a lot of our time, love and patience, especially when those puppy teeth start to come in, but it’s very convenient for us to do our job since they are just right here with us! We have definitely learned a lot about the cavapoo breed, breeding and raising these super sweet pups, and have not looked back since we started!

In addition to our love for animals of all kinds, our family enjoys plants, nature, music, baking/cooking and pretty much anything we can do as family! While you visit us, you might hear some stories about our other animals (goats and chickens) who live in the back yard, or some of our other favorite family hobbies like gardening, growing garlic and cooking!

I’m sure our kids will have some stories to tell one day, maybe how they collected eggs in the morning for breakfast, were greeted at the back door by their favorite goat because he wanted to come inside and visit them, or how they held puppies while doing math class. Although they might not be relatable to everyone, I hope their childhood stories will be enjoyable to tell and the memories will be found for them.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our website.

We are located in:

Grantville, Pa 17028