Adopting a Cavapoo

Overview of the Process


Want to adopt a puppy? Fill out an application and email it to us at

Why We Have You Apply

Our puppies are precious to us. It is important they go home to families who can provide the love and care they need. It also helps us know what level of guidance you will need on your adventure of taking your cavapoo puppy home.

In the eight weeks after they are born, we fall in love with your puppy. We give so many hours of snuggle and play and socialization with other dogs and people coming in and out of our home. We’re so invested in your puppy, that someone in our family ends up crying when each puppy goes home to their new family. We put our hearts into giving you the absolute best Cavapoo that money can buy.

Click below to download our application. When finished, email it to us at


Once your application has been approved, you will get to choose which puppy you want to make your own. You will then fill out and sign our contract for adoption. At this point your deposit for your puppy will be due. This deposit applies towards the total price of the puppy. The balance is then due at pickup.

**Please note, in the case of anyone on our wait list we go in order of those on the wait list.


During your puppies eight week stay here, we try to send photos and an occasional video update to each of the families.

Four to Five Week Visits

At 4 to 5 weeks of age, we allow families to come to our home for a 1-hour visit where you will meet us and the puppies! This is an enjoyable time for families as you get to play with and snuggle all the puppies.

Taking Your Puppy Home

As pick up day gets closer we send a checklist to help you get your home “puppy ready”! Just like babyproofing, if you’ve had a young child, your home will likely need some adjustments to help keep puppy safe and out of trouble. We also send home some supplies to help get you started, but we want you to be as ready as possible!
All our puppies go home with their veterinary and our in-home health records, a fun Mountain View Cavapoo Travel Backpack with goodies, a bag of the puppy food we’ve been feeding, a gallon of our well water and a blanket with Momma’s and their littermate’s scents on it to help them feel at home.